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All tours are on request.

We will always do the best we can to make the tour happen, even if that is tomorrow. However, the farther ahead you book the greater the chance that your preferred guide is available.

We recommend to book at least three weeks ahead.

As soon as we get your message we’ll contact te guide. We’ll let you know as soon as possible, the latest three days later.    

Because all our guides are specialists and their tours unique, we cannot simply replace one tour guide with another. It can happen that a guide has to cancel, in case of sickness for example. Then we’ll think of an alternative in consultation with you. This could be moving the tour to another date, or a tour by another guide in a similar field. It must be said that upon this day we never had to disappoint someone.

As soon as the booking is confirmed we’ll share the contact details of the guide. We’ll also send you the exact starting location of your tour. If you agree, we’ll also share your details with the guide.

You can find our terms of use here.

IWe run our tours rain or shine. Possibly in an alternate form. You can discuss this with the guide. Be sure to bring appropriate clothing if the tour is outside. In case of severe weather events, we’ll look for an alternative in consultation with you and the guide.

Our guides determine their own price. They do so based on their experience and availability. We do have a minimum price. We think of guiding as a profession, which deserves a fair reward.

No. You pay the guide per tour. Independent of the number of persons in your group. It is thus advantageous to bring more people that are interested. The guide determines the maximum group size.

After booking a tour we’ll send you an invoice and payment request by email. The tour will be definite once paid. You can’t pay directly when you book because we first need to contact the guide to check his or her availability.

The guides determine what they think is a comfortable group size. This is partly dependent on the location and the subject. In a museum its not beneficial to stand with twenty persons around a painting. On top of that most museums won’t allow it. A nature guide might think a group of twenty is no problem at all.

If you will no langer be able to have the booked tour go on as planned we shall try together with you and the guide to find an alternative that would work. This could be a different date, time or tour. The following applies.

Changing the date can be done in accordance with The Guides Guide. We can’t guarantee the availability of your guide on a different date. Please let us know as soon as possible, five the latest five days before the tour. 

Canceling the tour can be done until five days before the tour. In that case, you will receive 75% back from the payment. (Within five days  you will pay the full price). The main reason is that the guide will already have spent time preparing the tour. 

Cancellations are only possible by email. The email should be sent to info@degidsengids.nl.

We like to have as much of our communication in writing. In this way, we can make sure there are no misunderstandings. Furthermore, besides our work at The Guide Guides, both of us still work in our own field and as guides. This means we are not always available to answer immediately. If deemed beneficiary we can of course call after the initial email contact.

Wat fijn dat u feedback wilt geven. Na afloop van iedere rondleiding vragen wij u per mail naar uw ervaring. Wij horen graag van u en andere deelnemers in uw gezelschap. Als het over een rondleiding gaat delen wij de terugkoppelingaltijd met de gids. We gebruiken uw recensie ook graag op onze website. U kunt ons ook altijd mailen met opmerkingen.

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