Berlage’s Amsterdam South
Barend Blom takes you through the magnificent urban plan by H.P. Berlage
Barend shows you the imaginative shapes of the architecture of the Amsterdam School.
Marvel at two different visions on modern architecture.
Barend has examined many building plans. He knows these buildings through and through.

Duration: 2 hour(s)

Group size: max. 15 Persons

Price: € 135

Subject: Architecture, History, Urban planning

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Meeting point


2 hour(s)


€ 135,-

Group size

Max. 15 persons


Architecture, History, Urban planning

Berlage’s Amsterdam South

Amsterdam School Modern movement The Dageraad complex Kramer's Bridges Cinetol Statues by Hildo Krop The Vrijheidslaan

‘As beautiful as the Amsterdam Canal belt: monumental in its design, picturesque in its implementation’ This is how architect and urban planner Hendrik Petrus Berlage described his plan for Amsterdam South in 1905. And his vision became reality! In this tour, we will discover the monumental lanes and quiet residential areas in possibly the most beautiful area of Amsterdam. The best architects of the 20th century have realized the plans of Berlage. We wil see examples of the Modern Movement and the Amsterdam School architecture, two competing visions on architecture.

The tour starts in the 19th-century working-class neighborhood the Pijp. The small, narrow streets are a stark contrast to the revolutionary design of Berlage, where the Art Nouveau and Revivalism are replaced by Modernist experiments. Such as the theosophical temple now known as Cinetol. It was designed by Leendert van der Vlugt, before he became the architect of the Van Nelle factory. Another highlight of the modern movement, both literally and figuratively speaking, is the first skyscraper of the Netherlands by J.F. Staal. Both demonstrate the movement’s motto: ‘light, air, and space’. 

The architecture in the neighborhood is for a large part designed by architects with a different vision of modernity: The architects of the Amsterdam School movement. In this imaginative movement, the facade and the underlying construction are  separated turning buildings into sculptures of brick. Famous is De Dageraad, a housing block by Michel de Klerk and Piet Kramer, designed as a ‘workers palace’. But we will also visit less-known buildings, such as the housing at the Holendrechtstraat with its beautiful curving facades by Margaret Kropholler, the first female architect in the Netherlands.

Berlage’s Amsterdam South provides us with a complete vision of modern architecture.

The guide

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Together we can plan your ideal program. Feel free to inquire.
The water drips down the facade into the purposefully designed planters.
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